Peter McGoron

The Mister of Mispronounciation, known to the waiters of Atlanta as the dreaded “Turkey Po-Boy”. Notorious Discord non-user. Living proof that you can take the Man out of Florida, but you cannot take the Florida out of the Man.

Cell phones are the devil, you should feel bad for using them and for forcing me to use them.

Down with the metric system!

Email: memoryhole [at] mcgoron [dot] com or

I am an undergratuate graduated with a BS in Physics student at from Florida State University. My interest is in experimental condensed matter physics. I currently work as an undergraduate researcher at the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory under Dr. Guangxin Ni and will be am attending Georgia Institute of Technology as a Physics PhD student working in the Epigraphene Lab under Walter de Heer and Claire Berger.

I like low-level programming, including FPGA HDL development, which I did at the NHMFL. I currently am working on a hobby RISC-V emulator.

I collect the worst best quotes from all fields of physics. You can find them by clicking “Quotes”.